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Student, Intern, & Resident Support 

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The Auxiliary to MAOPS has formulated a new group of support within our organization: Student, Intern, Resident Advocay. Often when students begin their medical journey or graduate from medical school, they are faced with the reality of moving to a new locale, away from their support system. These major life transitions often force students and graduates to start over.

The Auxiliary saw the need in making this transition less nerve wracking for students, interns, or residents and their families by creating the Student, Intern, Resident Advocate Fund.

Please join us in our mission of welcoming new students to their medical schools and interns and residents to your local Missouri area. Our hope is that physicians and their spouses are willing to host social event sin their city as a means of creating an uplifting support network for incoming professionals in all walks of their medical career.


Please contact Roxanne Hubbard, SIRA chairman, for a list of interns and residents in your area.


In an effort to support this vision, the Auxiliary has funds set aside in aiding any costs associated with events for this purpose. Click here to download the SIRA application.


Happy hosting!!!

Joyce Spezia
AMAOPS President

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